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Loué chicken event

On September 3, 4 and 5, 2010 we were invited to the 12th “Balloon picnic days”. This friendly “montgolfier party” takes place every year in one of the breeding (poultry farming) regions of Loué Farmers Cooperative. This year we were welcomed in Jauzé, Sarthe (72).

Guy, in charge of the chase vehicle, and Christian, the pilot, stayed with Hervé and Sophie Dugué in one of the coop’s organic farms where they lived like “pigs in clover”, which goes without saying in this nice breeding poultry region.

A mild weather, a nice region, a friendly welcome, and above all landing fields everywhere... we could actually fly as soon as we arrived on Friday evening, then on Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday at noon… Each time we took farmers on board, men and women who were members of the Loué Chicken Coop.

17 balloons had come from every corner of France. It was an opportunity to build new friendships, to share different techniques, exchange addresses and invite each other to come and fly in the region of each participant. Then, regretfully, we had to depart on Sunday afternoon.

We had an appointment on Monday morning in Vendée, on the way back home, with Damien and Thomas Merceron, the Firefly balloon importers in France. And it was a great pleasure to experience a balloon ride on board their 4,000 m3 Firefly balloon. There again, nice weather (some wind but not gusty!) and large fields for a quiet landing.

To put it in a nutshell: a harvest of nice memories and good tips.



the "balloon-picnic of  Loué chicken"

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