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A flight with the reporters of Sète gazette

After several cancellations because of bad weather, we finally had a window in the evening. A winter take-off, on February 2, from our launching site in Angle Cove, Balaruc le Vieux. A light breeze was coming from the sea, pushing us away from Lake Thau and inside the land.

A nice evening ride. One of Hérault Aeroclub’s airplanes circled around us for a while, taking pictures and providing us radio contact with Montpellier air traffic control tower.

 Then a powered paraglider paid us a short visit and glided by with the engine cut, so that we could have a little chat, in the absolute silence between two heating shots. It was magical!

Finally, a landing at dusk in a field near Cournonsec. A balloon to pack up, a bottle cork to pop off to our fearless reporters…

Many thanks to all three of them, who entrusted us with some of their pictures (caution: copyright) to illustrate this ride. A few days later, we had a wonderful double page article in their newspaper.

We look forward to repeating that kind of experience soon!



A flight with the newspaper  Gazette de Sète

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