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The camp administrators wanted to have a montgolfier on July 17 and 18 for the 50th birthday of their movement. More than 3,400 boys from several countries participated in this gathering. For many years, the Scout Movement has formed troops that specialize in air sports, with microlight aircraft and planes, and they had naturally come up with the idea to present a hot air balloon.

In spite of a rather difficult aerology on Causse du Larzac  (very hot and with gusty wind), we spent all day on Saturday 17 animating various workshops with the different patrols, including several cold air inflations of the balloon in which all could participate. We had brought our photograph exhibition and a few balloon videos. Our charming hostesses  were delighted to answer all questions about hot air balloons.

Thanks to a lull in winds on Sunday evening, a few boys could even enjoy balloon tether rides at nightfall.

Magical, and once again, congratulations to those who organized this camp that all will remember for a long time.





Larzac camp with Scouts d'Europe, July  2010

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